Qualification criteria for consideration during the nomination process:

  • Chief Financial Officer/ Head of Finance/ Finance Director to be considered for:
    • Listed Companies
    • Privately owned
    • Public Sector Undertaking
    • Partnerships
  • Nominated individual must directly report to the CEO/ MD/ Board/ Group CFO and not to any other Finance Head within the same company (Note: Each Company under Group Company may nominate its CFO / Finance Head)
  • Nominated individual must have been in the same role within the company/ group for at least two (2) years as on the date of nomination


MSME Sector

Enterprise Investment in Plant and Machinery or Equipment: Not more than Annual Turnover ; Not more than
Micro Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 5 Crore
Small Rs. 10 Crore Rs. 50 Crore
Medium Rs. 50 Crore Rs. 250 Crore

Nomination Process

  • CFOs can self-nominate or companies/ others can nominate an individual
  • In case of third-party nominations, mails will be sent to CFOs informing them and requesting submission of the form
  • Nominations will be sought for Sector Categories and Thematic Categories. Nominations for Main Categories will flow from Sector and Thematic Category nominations.
  • One can apply for one award under Sector Category and up to two awards in Thematic Category